How Important Is Product Designing?

It is an interesting concept to create something new to help life become more comfortable and easy. So we can enjoy every bit of time that we have in our hands. Product design is not only about creating new innovation, but it is also about enhancing the old ones. Design helps us bring out some interesting facts. The design process is not only interesting but innovative, from finding the need to solve the problem.

For example, creating furniture to help us live with more comfort and ease, creating a display for a product OR product itself.

 In simple words it is a process of identifying the need, creating the solution, and providing it to the consumer.
i.e.  Imagining, Innovating, Creating and Processing. 

Hence, where ever there is a need to solve a problem especially of utility, product design will be the first step towards innovation.  It is the core of all the facilities that we have today with us.

The key to being a good product designer is to understand the customer (end-user). When we are solving the real problems of real people we need to understand their behavior patterns, habits, wants, budget, and needs.

In a nutshell, it is the reason behind human growth!

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