how to stay at home during and post covid-19

We are all hoping to get done with this nonsense of coronavirus which has disturbed our life. Quite frankly it’s frustrating now. But since we are all in a process of Un-lock, now is the real threat.  To help things going smoothly we have to be careful.

To Start with having an interior and lifestyle background I would love to share some tips with you all out there in this world, for the ones who are looking for suggestions here are some tips for you, I sincerely hope that they help;

Please go back to the days when we had brass fittings and fixtures !
Keep the outdoor footwear separate and out side.
The most important step in today’s world!
We all know the goodness of fresh air!
Sun not only for mental, emotional, body and spirit. It is as important for our clothes.
Sanitize Sanitize and Sanitize!

Have Fun…. But, Carefully!

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